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Guide to VAT & Duty

Upon importing to a country there may be duty and VAT liable for that import. Some countries will have declared thresholds at which duty and VAT may become viable – this varies from country to country.

For example, the USA currently has a duty and tax threshold of US $800 meaning anything below that value will not be liable for duty and tax. Other countries may be lower such as Canada where that limit is set at CAN $20. How this is managed and calculated will vary from destination to destination.

Some destinations such as the UK currently* will charge VAT only for goods declared between £15.00 and £134.99 and will only calculate Duty should the value of the products in the order equate to or exceed £135.00.*From January 1 the £15.00 Vat threshold is removed so all values subject to VAT.

Pro Carrier will facilitate the declarations and customs clearance as part of our end to end service proposition. Pro Carrier via the Pro Carrier Duty Calculator can help our customers to predetermine what duty and tax will be levied by destination and by product. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

To assist with the customs declaration process and the accuracy of the calculations it is imperative that the data we are provided with is as meaningful and accurate as possible:

  • Accurate HS code (preferably 10 digit but 6 digit will be accepted)
  • Good descriptions of the product – SKU number included wherever possible
  • Value for customs purposes – if a separate cost for shipping is not included it is assumed for customs purposes that it is built into the declared cost of the products
  • Licence numbers if required – for example FDA registered products being shipped to the USA
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