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A Packing guide

Parcels can travel many thousands of miles through Pro Carriers global network to reach their destinations. Packing your shipments with appropriate materials in a right way will help ensure they arrive safely and stay intact. At all times, it remains the responsibility of the sender to ensure adequate packaging is used.

Different shipment contents require different levels of protection.

Things to think about when choosing suitable packaging.

The weight & fragility of your parcel contents

  • Consider the strength and durability of the packaging box
  • An appropriate box should be able to securely hold the weight of the content being shipped
  • Extra cushioning and protection are required for fragile items

The value of your parcel contents you are shipping

  • Extra cushioning and protection may be required for high value good

Aim to use quality double wall boxes

  • Fill all void space
  • Adopt the H-taping method to seal all edges of your packaging.
  • Items should not touch the outer wall of the box
  • Odd-shaped or rounded packaging may need extra attention

Apply the shipping label to the top surface of your package.

Brown box being opened by 2 people

How to choose the appropriate box for the weight of your parcel

Box Specifications:

  • Up to 5kg – Single Wall
  • 5 – 10kg – Single Wall
  • 10 – 15kg – Double Wall
  • 15 – 20kg – Double Wall
  • 20 – 25kg – Double Wall
  • 25 – 30kg – Double Wall

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