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Pro Carrier Integrations

Pro Carrier supports many methods of integrating with your ERP,e-commerce store, website or packing stations providing the most efficient and seamless way for parcel label creation and feedback of tracking data.

The Pro Carrier API provides a direct connection for parcel & label creation and tracking information. The API has been designed to be as user friendly and as simplistic as possible to allow for speedy integration..

For your e-commerce store or shopping cart, Pro Carrier has prebuilt integrations with many of the major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, eBay and Amazon.

Pro Carrier has direct integrations with Order Management Systems and shipping aggregators such as Linnworks, Mintsoft, Shipster, and Despatch Cloud providing a seamless solution for your packing stations.

Bulk despatches are easy –  the data can be feed into Pro Carrier using an easy to follow batch file template upload. Pro Carrier can even cater for custom batch file formats for when using the standard Pro Carrier template is just not possible for you.

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Direct API

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E-commerce platform plugins

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Order Management System Integration

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Custom Batch File Upload

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